Photo Gallery

Group One Group One

The first few works shown here were predominantly inspired by James Gleeson. His work holds a special fascination for me. To me he is at once both captivating and vaguely menacing and sometimes even quite horrifying and alien and yet there is beauty and a sense of stillness in his work.

Group Two Group Two

Here the exploration revolved around breaking free of the conventional realistic landscape palette(as I perceived it to be) and following a bit of a “Fauvist” path. The first of these pictures are based on a photo of the little creek that flows through the grounds of The Armidale School.

Group Three Group Three

This group is a sample of some more realistic landscapes, still life paintings and flowers. I tend to go back and forth from realism to abstraction.

Abstracts 2014 Abstracts 2014

Abstracts 2014 This selection was predominantly inspired and informed by life events both personal and global I hope you enjoy them!

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